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What is MME?

MME means all acts of daily management, periodic inspection, preventive repair to operate elevator safely and regularly. MME is charged into Owner of elevator normally. However, to manage MME more efficiently, Owner commission a method to specialists or professional.

MME movement management daily inspection

MME periodic inspection emergency

· treat accident
· repair emergency parts
· rescue confined people


· simple repair
· part replacement

preventive repair

· periodic
· inspection
· self test


· daily management


01. periodic inspection
02. emergency measures : treat accident, repair emergency parts, rescue confined people
03. repair : simple repair, part replacement
04. preventive repair : periodic, inspection, self test
05. movement management : daily management

Definition of terms

(1) Breakdown
Impossible to operate elevator for basic function

(2) Disorder
Possible to operate basic function, some parts of machine are not working well.

(3) Preventive repair
Maintain disorder of elevator to prevent breakdown

(4) Maintenance
All acts of daily management, periodic inspection, preventive repair.

(5) Repair
Searching and exclusion of the roots of disorder and breakdown.

(6) Simple repair
Reconstruction, Reposition of parts without replacement.

(7) Daily management
Confirmation of condition of elevator related to operation day by day.

(8) Periodic inspection
Making a search disorder and breakdown periodically.

(9) Self test
Periodic inspection obeyed the law.

(10) Mending
In addition to the repairing disorder and breakdown, through a searching and confirming disorder, maintaining safety, function and feature.

Necessity of MME

(1) Security of user’s safety
Elevator is machine for being used by not only owner but unspecific users, so user’s safety is most important.
For users, safety equipment is obligated to be constantly inspected by the law.
(2) Preservation of property
Elevator is installed in buildings, used in long term and price is high.
Exchange of total parts of elevator is damage for not only price but construction terms, therefore much inconvenience comes to life.
As elevator is stationary equipment, it is hard to be repaired easily. So ordinary MME is most important.
(3) Performance maintenance
Elevator is used for not only transporting human and goods but protecting machine for users safety.
Therefore convenience and comfortableness is important to maintain carefully until life of machine is ended.