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How to maintain the elevator

(1) Share of maintenance work
Management subject : Since it is the overall management responsibility of the elevator, it should supervise and supervise the performance of the duties even if they are delegated by duties.
selection of maintenance companies Selection of self-inspectors (self inspectors are mainly included in maintenance contracts).
Operation Manager : Responsible for day-to-day management.
Maintainer : Conduct a maintenance contract with the management entity to: Periodic inspection (mainly self-inspection included) Preventive maintenance First aid in the event of failure
(2) Mandatory maintenance contract of repair elevator
Characteristics of elevators
  • * It is used by many unspecified persons without limit of the user
  • * Many people use it.
  • * There is a lot of movement.
  • * It is inconvenient if it does not work due to failure.
  • * There is a risk of safety accidents such as human accidents in case of failure.
  • * It can only be repaired because it can not be moved.
  • * The structure is complicated and difficult to repair.
  • * Repair time is generally long.
  • * There is no way to replace it in case of failure.
(3) Repair specialist
The maintenance specialist is conditioned to repair the elevator quickly in the event of a failure. Technical front door of elevator
Securing the maintenance parts of the elevator Ensure timely receipt system for notification of the failure of the elevator.
The elevator repair specialist must register the repair work in the city where it is located.
(4) Efficient maintenance tips
Need active attention of management
Note the problems in the usual way, and check them at the time of maintenance inspection.
When a fault occurs, the cause of the fault and the contents of the action should be confirmed.
Manage the maintenance company.
The user should pay attention to the actual condition of maintenance.

Often, when contracts are re - contracted, they are only interested in the monthly remuneration and tend to contract as cheaply as possible.
If the repair fee is low and the maintenance fee is low, and the maintenance company with no credit is selected as the maintenance company, the lifetime of the high-priced elevator can be shortened and also the safety of the user can be a problem.
Users, especially those in the apartment complex, are owners, so they should be concerned about the selection of these maintenance companies. Elevators are expensive and can be secured and can save on overall elevator management costs. Users need to be constantly interested in whether the owner or manager of an elevator has a contract with a maintenance company and whether the maintenance and repair performance of the maintenance company is good.

Repair contract

(1) Contents of repair contract
※ It is decided by agreement, but general contents are as follows.
Preventive maintenance is carried out periodically by elevator
In the event of a failure, the elevator should be repaired promptly to minimize discomfort to the user.
If a passenger is trapped, he must rescue the passenger quickly
In the event of an accident, there is an urgent need to rescue the person and to deal with it afterwards.
The cost of repair is borne by the owner.
(2) Stay(常駐)
When there are a large number of elevators, the technician of the maintenance company always refers to the maintenance work in the case where the contracted elevator is installed.
If the resident is contracted, the resident can also serve as the operation manager.
A resident can contract separately regardless of whether it is a simple maintenance contract or a maintenance contract.
(3) Considerations for selection of maintenance companies
Do you have expertise in the elevator?
Do you have qualifications?
What is the ability of emergency action?
Does it have a supply system for the repair parts of the elevator?