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Maintenance procedures

Maintenance of the elevator refers to all the activities such as daily maintenance, periodic inspection, preventive maintenance, repair, etc. that allow the elevator to be used safely and normally for a given life span.
The maintenance of the elevator is basically the responsibility of the owner or the elevator management entity.
However, in order to carry out maintenance efficiently, it is common to delegate various actions required for maintenance to a professional engineer or personnel appropriate for the operation

Elevator maintenance System diagram

Report inconvenience Daily check Periodic inspection broken Abnormal discovery Cause investigation damage by a fire Old age Simple failure Repair judgment Simple repairs Replacement repair Normal check

Maintenance manager of elevator

(1) Management subject
A person who is entrusted with the overall responsibility for maintenance from the owner or owner of the elevator, and is responsible for carrying out the legal obligations of the owner.
A management entity is a person who is generally responsible for the management of the building as well as the responsibility for the management of the elevator. The person who is entrusted with management of the entire building from the owner of the building or the owner of the building, the management agent of the apartment, May be regarded as the head of the organization or the head of the administration who is entrusted with the responsibility for the elevator management from the head of the self-governing body.
Obligations of elevator management body
mandatorya legal basis.note
1. Periodic inspection of the elevator is required. Paragraph 1 of Article 13 of the Legislation Application for periodic inspection
2. Self-inspection shall be carried out. Paragraph 1 of Article 17 of the Legislation Delegate Self-Inspection Qualifications
3. Daily management of the safety of the elevator shall be carried out. Article 16 of the Act Appointment of Operation Manager
Supervision of daily management
4. The safety of the elevator must be repaired. Paragraph 2 of Article 17 of the Act/td> Selection of maintenance company
Decision on repair
< 표 1 > Obligations of elevator management body
(2) Operation Manager
The elevator operation manager shall be the person who is entrusted with the duties of daily management from the management entity or management entity.
The operation manager finds the abnormality of the elevator through routine inspections and transmits the abnormality to the maintenance person so that the maintenance person can maintain the safety and performance of the elevator by complementing the abnormality,,
It is responsible for the day-to-day management of the elevator, such as the user's inconveniences, management of emergency keys, maintenance of record of abnormal malfunctions, contact method in case of an elevator accident, and emergency service for emergency measures.
Duties of the operation manager (Article 24-3 of the Enforcement Rule of the Act on the Manufacture and Management of Lifts)
  • · Matters concerning the preparation and maintenance of the operation management regulations of elevators
  • · Regarding the maintenance of record about repair of trouble of elevator
  • · Matters concerning the preparation and management of an emergency contact network in case of an elevator accident
  • · Matters concerning the organization and management of the emergency system for urgent measures in the event of an accident involving an elevator lifting person
  • · Matters concerning accident report in case of an elevator accident
  • · Matters concerning the management of elevator standard attachments
  • · Matters concerning the management of elevator emergency keys
(3) Maintainer
Since the elevator is a combination of various technologies, it is reasonable to perform the regular inspection, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting of the technician who has the skill, because repairing and repairing of the elevator requires the corresponding technology.
Therefore, the manufacturer or the repairing company of the elevator is repairing and repairing the professional engineer for repairing the elevator.
The maintainer shall perform preventive maintenance to prevent the failure of the safety device, the deterioration of the function and performance of the elevator, and the prevention of failure or malfunction which may occur in the future.
In particular, periodic inspections are mandated by a legal system called self-inspections, establishing the minimum standards, confirming whether they are implemented, and emphasizing the safety of elevators by limiting the level of technicians who can carry out them.
(4) Operator
The driver of the elevator is a person responsible for the guidance of the passenger and the driving of the elevator in the elevator, which is mainly used by many people such as department stores.
Since the driver of the elevator uses the manual operation control device, always be careful when using the control device.
The supervisor must check the health condition of the driver and limit the operation of the elevator when there is a problem in the elevator operation.
(5) User
It shall notify the service manager or the management entity of any uncomfortable love or abnormality that is not found even through routine inspection or daily inspection so that it can be rectified immediately.
In order to prevent accidents, users must observe the safety regulations.